1What’s the price of each subscriptions and what do I get?
$29.95 gets three books each month. $19.95 gets two books each month.
2What’s the shipping cost?
Flat rate of $5.00
3If I purchase the entire year upfront, do I get a discount?
Yes, the discount is 10% off plus free shipping for 3 months
4Can I purchase multiple subscriptions if I have more than one child?
In order to buy multiple subscriptions, please complete the checkout process for the first subscription. You'll receive account log-in information via email. Log into your account and purchase the second subscription. Repeat this process for as many children as you need. We are working on simplifying this this process in the near future - thank you for your patience.
5Can I receive the contact information of the child that get the free subscription?
Unfortunately we are unable to give away anyone’s personal information, but please be assured that all free subscriptions are given to less fortunate children within the U.S. living in communities that don’t have easy access to great culturally relevant books.
6What organizations do you work with to distribute the free subscriptions?
We work with mostly local nonprofits and schools to get the books directly to the children who need them most. A list of organizations will be updated on the blog and in our WRW newsletter regularly. If you would like to suggest an organization for us to work with, please email us at hello@wellreadinc.com.
7Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes! Log into your account and click “Cancel Subscription”. We will discontinue charging your card, or provide a prorated refund if you paid in full. All the books the child has already received are theirs to keep.
8If I cancel my subscription, what happens to the gifted subscription?
Unfortunately, the gifted subscription will also be cancelled. We depend on you to help us combat literacy by giving free subscriptions with your paid subscription.
9How do I suggest books and authors?
We love to hear about new and exciting books that may not yet be on our radar. Please email all suggestions to hello@wellreadinc.com. You can also make suggestions on our Facebook page.
10What happens when my child grows out of a subscription age group?
We’re so excited to know that kids will be literally growing with their subscription. If you set up your subscription with the child’s birthday, we’ll most likely contact you when your child has graduated to a new age group! You can also log into your account and update the age.
11How are books selected for the subscription?
Books are diligently curated by the Well Read team! We consist of educators, authors and parents that are committed to getting quality culturally relevant literature to African American children nationwide.
12What if I receive a book my child already has?
At this time we’re not able to exchange books but we suggest you gift the book to a needy child in your community or child’s school!
13How can I suggest my community for a Well Read event?
Send us an email at hello@wellreadinc.com - we’d love to visit!
14How can I learn more about combating literacy in my community?
Please join our newsletter - Well Read Wednesday here and follow us on our social media pages to learn more.
15What time of the month will my box be mailed and via what carrier service?
All boxes are mailed on the last day of the preceding month. For example, the July box will be mailed on June 30th. All boxes are mailed via FedEx with tracking information.
16Is there a cut off to order a box for the next month?
Yes, you will need to order your subscription on or before the 15th of each month. Otherwise your order will be processed for the following month. For example, in order to get July’s box you need to order by June 15th. If you order your subscription after June 16th, your first box will be the August box.
17Can I order a single box for a previous month?
Three days after all of the subscribed boxes have been shipped we will send out notices, via email, social media and our newsletter to inform everyone that they can now purchase the current month as a single box. Single boxes are sold as supplies last and only available for the current month.
18Are boxes theme for special times of the year, ex. Black History Month?
Absolutely! We curate some the boxes based on all the exciting things happening during the year. These include, but are not limited to, Christmas, Kwanzaa, the New Year, Black History Month (BEST BOX EVER!!), Women’s History Month, summer vacation, back to school and much more!
19Do I have to return the books?
No, the books belong to the child for life. However, if you’re interested in getting rid of books we have a great BookSwap program coming soon.